G Holdings Co., Ltd. Was Establish in 2009 by Miss Lim Jin Ai, Mr. Jimmy Lim and Miss Bianca N Moeis. Miss Lim Jin ai started with brand GOODWOOD in 1994 a furniture manufacture specialize in customize design furniture, gradually develop into a renovation company. As market mature and seasoned, demand for design services is inevitable profound, as the market leader we saw the opportunity to create GW DESIGN STUDIO In 2004 to capture the bullish market which compliment to our existing brand GOODWOOD. As times grows we gain much experience and expertise reflected in our diverse project portfolio, we proudly announce till to date we are still one of the market leader in Cambodia in furniture manufacturing, renovation, and architecture interior design consultant.

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"DESIGN" is a VISION created by "Architects" to enhance how we improve our ways of living. We always push the boundaries of design to INSPIRE ones live in solving complex issues, with introducing new innovations and solutions. At the last process we arrive at the stage where design is being IMPLEMENT that shape the environment that will be a significant influence on others perception in viewing and wanting to elevate ones way of living.

"Your best work is your expression of yourself. Now, you may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you're the only expert" - Frank Gery


Every client needs and expectations are always unique and challenging. We will always push our limit to assist and guide our client through out selection of the key elements, our approach start from budget requirement, unique concept, target market, investment timeline, with diversity in solutions and fast to adapt to the changing requirements of clients regardless of the nature of their projects.

Our experience through out these years have expanded our knowledge, we will continue to set the level in providing services in building industry in Cambodia and neighboring countries.

Our Team

Lim Jin Ai


Bianca N. Moeis

Managing Director

Jimmy Lim



Project Manager

The Waterfront Community Mall

PropertyGuru Cambodia Property Awards Best Retail Architecture Design . Best Retail Interior Design



Phlauv Lum (Betong), Kakao Quarter, Por senchey District, Phnom Penh 12406, Kingdom of Cambodia

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+855 23 900 919 / +855 23 900 919